Trad. Sweden / Arrangement Boris Koller

The title Barockpolskan is also the “program” of this tune. A traditional Swedish melody, very popular in the folk revival of the 1970s, became the theme of the composition. Boris Koller used the traditional Swedish melody in flexible way to a compositional approach as it is more common in continental Europe. Using the single parts of the melody, eight bars each, as examples, he shows how homophonic and polyphonic playing is possible in the ensemble. A soloist harpa introduces the melody; a real harpa string quartet plays variations of the motive. But in fact all five voices are playing like intersecting soloists. The technique of composing is not limited to baroque usages. Also techniques of orchestration like spreading melodies and motives to different instruments were used. To play this composition you need at least some four-row nyckelharpas in the ensemble and one tenor-nyckelharpa.

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Boris Koller (Austria)

Boris Koller used to live as a composer of classical music in Vienna. Currently he is writing a large-scale opera „Tvillingene fra Island“. On stage he can be heard with „Poeta Magica“ and „Estampie“. He plays different nyckelharpas with quatertones. He is also a painter, specializing in Scandinavian landscape.