Two easy folk tunes:

Du är så vacker för mina ögon

Trad. from Åland (Finnland) - Arrangement for two nyckelharpas: Angelika Maier

Laridé vannetais à huit temps

Trad. from Vannetais (Brittany/France) - Arrangement for two nyckelharpas: Angelika Maier

Download sheet music "Du är så vacker för mina ögon"
Download sheet music "Laridé vannetais à huit temps"

Angelika Maier (Germany)

Angelika Maier comes from Southern Germany. She started playing music as a child. Her first instrument was the recorder. Later she had guitar and flute lessons and taught herself to play the mandolin and hammered dulcimer.
She has always loved folk music and has always had a soft spot for instruments which produce lots of harmonics. Therefore, it was probably inevitable that some day she would be charmed by the nyckelharpa and tempted to play it. Although she was slightly hesitant to learn a new instrument at the age of fifty, she decided to give it a try. That was six years ago and she has never regretted this decision.
Besides being a nyckelharpa player she teaches flute and recorder.