Anonymous, Italy, 14th century (British Library Add. 29987)

Arrangement for nyckelharpa: Marco Ambrosini, 2010

Saltarello romagnolo

Transcription: Paolo Giacomoni

Arrangement for nyckelharpa: Marco Ambrosini, 2010

The main source for medieval instrumental music from Italy is an anonymous Tuscan manuscript at the British Library labelled “Add. 29987” which dates from the late 14th or early 15th century. The more renowned opus of the manuscript is the second Saltarello in the collection, which we use in our project as an example of early instrumental music, ideally connected to the last tune of our concert, the Saltarello Romagnolo, which is a popular folk dance of the region where the Scuola di Musica Popolare is based. The transcription of this folk-tune is made by Paolo Giacomoni, one of our first Italian nyckelharpa students and a great folk fiddler.

Download sheet music "Saltarello, 14th century"
Download sheet music "Saltarello romagnolo"

Marco Ambrosini (Germany/Italy)

Marco Ambrosini studied violin and composition at  the Musical Institute "G.B.Pergolesi" in Ancona and at the Conservatory "G. Rossini" in Pesaro, Italy. His eminent tutor was Adrio Casagrande.

Ambrosini discovered the nyckelharpa in the 80's, and immediately fell in love with its beautiful form and its marvellous sound. He started using this instrument in concerts in the 90's and very quickly shifted his attention from the violin to the nyckelharpa. He has perform as soloist and in several orchestras and ensembles for early and contemporary music,  at various venues, from Vancouver to Moskow.

He is also active as a composer and often writes for our instrument, especially for nyckelharpa ensembles.

Ambrosini works as a teacher of early music and nyckelharpa at the “Academy of BURG FÜRSTENECK” (D) and at the “Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli” (I), both birthplaces of the European Nyckelharpa Training.

He is presently writing a book of daily exercises for advanced nyckelharpa players.